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Finance Minister Sitharaman: “Congress DNA Includes Abusing PM Modi”

Finance Clergyman Nirmala Sitharaman has blamed the Indian Public Congress for having a “DNA” that incorporates manhandling top national leader Narendra Modi. In a meeting with the news channel ANI, Sitharaman expressed that there were “no legislative issues” in the state head’s month-to-month radio program “Mann Ki Baat”.

Sitharaman was answering analysis from Congress pioneers who had blamed Modi for utilizing “Mann Ki Baat” as a stage for political publicity. Sitharaman, notwithstanding, excused these charges and said that the program was simply implied for the state leader to associate with individuals in India.

The legislative difficulties in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ are non-existent. Only the Head of State speaks with Indian citizens and shares his opinions and ideas with them, she remarked.

Sitharaman then questioned Congress about its “DNA” of treating the top state leader unjustly. “Manipulating the state leader has become ingrained in the DNA of the Congress. They don’t know how to operate without handling the head of state improperly, she claimed.

The Money Priest likewise guarded the BJP’s choice to hold rallies and occasions during the continuous coronavirus pandemic. She said that the party was following all coronavirus conventions and blamed Congress for politicizing the pandemic.

“They (Congress) are just keen on wading into controversy in any event, especially during a pandemic. We are following all coronavirus conventions, and we are not disregarding any rules,” she said.

Sitharaman’s remarks come in the midst of a strained political environment in India, with the BJP and the opposition Congress exchanging insults over a scope of issues, including the treatment of the coronavirus pandemic and the ranchers’ fights.

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