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Gangster-turned-Politician Atique Ahmad Murder Case

Apr17th, 2003, 05:40 PM (IST)

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"Gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Asraf were shot dead while being taken for medical checkup in Prayagraj on Saturday, Apr 15th, two days after his son Asad Ahmad and his aide was gunned down by the UP state police on Thursday, Apr 13th."

Who was Atique Ahmad?

Atiq Ahmad was gangster who became an Indian Politician. He joined Samajwadi Party and served as a member in the Legislative Assembly of U.P (1989-2004) as well as in the Indian Parliament (2004- 2009). Atiq Ahmad had more than 100 registered cases against him and while being lodged on various charges, he had also completed several elections from jail. As per report, U.P Police had seized his assets worth Rs. 1168.4 crores (US$1.5 billion) belonging to Ahmad and his family on March, 2023. In 2019, Ahmad was convicted of kidnapping a witness who had testified against him in the 2005 murder case of BSP MLA Raju Pal. Ahmad and his brother Asraf remained in jail until police took him for court-mandated medical examination in Prayagraj on Saturday night Apr 15th, where they shot dead by three assailants who posed as a news journalist. Three assailants who were dressed as journalist questioned Atiq about his questioning in the police custody he said “Main baat yeh ki Guddu Muslim… (Actually Guddu Muslim…)” and was shot dead in the head, even before he could finish what he was saying.   

Who is Guddu Muslim?

Guddu Muslim is a notorious gangster who used to work for the dons of Bihar and U.P. He is an expert of making crude bombs. He can make a bomb sitting on bike using the materials he carries with him, cops said. He was one of the key gangsters involved in broad daylight murder of Umesh Pal at his residence, which was captured in CCTV, in which two police security personnel were also killed. He has been working for Atiq Ahmad for last 10 years.

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Three killers who killed Atiq Ahmad

  1. Arun Maurya, Lavlesh Tiwari, and Sunny are the name of three killers involved in killing Atiq Ahmad and his brother Asraf, people who was there during incident said.
  2. Arun Maurya belongs to village Baghela Pukhta within the limits of Soron Kotwali Police station in Kasganj. Lavlesh Tiwari from Kotwali in Banda and Sunny belongs to Hamirpur district.
  3. Arun Maurya left the village 15 years ago and his parent died, only his uncle and aunt live in village of kasganj with their family.
  4. As per report, Lavlesh Tiwari says he is Zila Sah Pramukh of Bajrang Dal. He mentioned himself as Bajrang Dal leader in Facebook.
  5. Sunny has 17 criminal cases against him in Hamirpur district.  He dropped out in the first year of B.A while studying at Lucknow University. He even jailed for teasing a girl 3 years ago.

Briefing situation about the incident, Commissioner of Police Prayagraj, Ramit Sharma said the three assailants, who were arrested immediately after the incident, has joined the crowd of journalists who were trying to get information from Atiq and Ashraf.

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Umesh Pal kidnapping and Murder Case:-

 In 2019, Ahmad was convicted of kidnapping a witness who had testified against him in the 2005 murder case of BSP MLA Raju Pal. Umesh Pal (lawyer) was the prime witness in the murder of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) lawmaker Raju Pal in Prayagraj on January 25, 2005, a case in which include Atiq Ahmad and Khalid Azeem were prime accused. Ahmad’s brother Ashraf, son Asad and associate Guddu Muslim, bomb maker who allegedly threw the bomb at Umesh Pal and had been involved in previous Violent Crime, were the Co-accused.

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Who was Raju Pal?

Raju Pal (died Jan 2005) was BSP Political who had lost an election to Atique Ahmad in 2002. However, in 2004, Ahmad resigned after being elected to the Lok Sabha. Raju Pal won the subsequently by election in November 2004, defeating Atique’s younger brother Mohammad Asraf. However, in January 2005, Raju Pal was shot dead while going to his village on the Occasion of Republic day. Thereafter, Asraf won the seat by defeating Pal’s wife Pooja Pal. Asraf was the main accused in the murder. Mohammad Asraf’s brother Atique had also been charged with Complicity in the murder, while Atique was in jail with 21 criminal cases pending against him, then Mayawati government faced criticism for failure to arrest Asraf.

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Who was Asad Ahmad?

Asad Ahmad and his aide Ghulam Hasan’s ecounter with U.P. Police took place in Jhansi district on Apr 13th, 2023. Asad Ahmad 19 years old son of Atique Ahmad, who had recently passed 12th and was about to marry aunt’s (atiq’s sister) daughter. He was not a criminal until he was involved in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Yoginath statement in the assembly on Mafia was, “Iss mafia ko mitti me mila denge” ( will reduce this mafia to dust) on Feb 25th. State Police gunned down 4 people linked to Umesh pal’s murder case.

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U.P. Government Actions after Murder of Atique Ahmad and Ashraf:

. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on sunday Formed a three-member judicial committee to probe the killing of gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf Ahmad.

. The Commission will be headed by Allahabad high Court judge (retd) Arvind Kumar Tripathi, and will have two member- retired judge Brijesh Kumar Soni and former DGP Subesh Kumar Singh.

. The Commission will give its report in two months. Principal Srcretary, Home, Sanjay Prasad confirmed the constitution of the inquiry.

Its noteworthy that Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath has been keeping strict and consistent vigil on the entire case since the killing took place on Saturday night.

Earlier, the CM had jointly called Home Department, DGP and DG special at his residence and held high-level meeting on Law and order after which section 144 was imposed and internet services suspened in the state. Apart from this, the police started oot patrolling in various district. In addition, heavy security forced were deployed in sensitive area of the state to maintain law and order.

The CM has instructed officers to be vigilant in the field to ensure peace and order is maintained in the state, Official said.

Senior police officials said that Subesh Kumar Singh has also headed the Anti-Terrorist group and the special task for the past.

Atique Ahmad Last Rite

On Sunday, Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf were buried in their ancestral village amid tight security. Ahmad’s son Asad, an accused in the Umesh Pal murder case fell to police bullets, were burie at the same graveyard on Saturday. Ahmad was laid to rest right next to his son’s grave. The graveyard is located in Ahmad’s ancestral village and his parents were also buried there.

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