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Government will celebrate August 9 as Adivasi Divas in various ways.

According to sources, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee declared on Monday
that the state government would observe August 9 as “Adivasi Diwas” and celebrate it
throughout districts. And this was made by the CM at a cabinet meeting in Nabanna.
“The chief minister announced that all of the state’s districts, subdivisions, and blocks will
observe ‘Adivasi Diwas’ on August 9. In the panchayat elections on July 8, the TMC
performed well in areas where Adivasis predominate. In the forthcoming Lok Sabha election,
the CM intends to capitalize on this favorable circumstance, according to a TMC leader.

According to reports, she also warned the other members of her cabinet about the BJP’s
appealing statement that the opposition party would disseminate false information or films
that would promote trouble in the region. “The BJP is on the back foot and is trying to escape
this predicament following the violence in Manipur. According to a state minister, the chief minister is concerned that the BJP may incite violence in West Bengal to draw attention
away from Manipur.2,500 additional constables for the West Bengal Police and 440 lower
division clerks for various departments would be hired by the state government, according to
sources in the administration. The Public Service Commission set the schedule for this part.
Moreover, it was determined to hire 5500 community health workers on a contract system.

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