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Haryana bans use of jeans and various accessories for hospital workers

Haryana banned jeans and various accessories used by the employees. The Haryana hospital dress code is becoming strict by banning the use of denim, makeup as well as heavy jewelry. The state of Haryana is banning the use of not only denim clothes but also, makeup, jewelry, long nails and even t-shirts and skirts. The state has implemented a new and strict dress code for all the government hospitals and their employees. The workers must follow this and wear proper attire to the workplace. They will have to be in proper uniform, not only in the morning hours but also in the evening shifts and on the weekends.

The Health Minister of Haryana was very clear about his instructions. He pointed out that any clothing item made of denim in not welcome in the workplace. The minister also added that “Funky hairstyles, heavy jewelry, accessories, makeup, long nails during working hours are unacceptable, especially in the healthcare centers.” These clothing items and accessories are seen as unprofessional for the healthcare workers.

Later, Anil Vij also commented that hospitals need their employees to follow a code of conduct. He said that a proper dress code gives every workplace a professional touch. The minister further added that jeans of any color are as well as denim skirts and dresses are not considered as formal attire.

“Sweatshirts, sweatsuits, and shorts are not permitted. Slacks, dresses, skirts and palazzos shall not be permitted too. T-shirts, stretch T-shirts, stretch pants, fitting pants, leather pants, capris, sweatpants, tank tops, see-through dresses or tops, crop tops, off-shoulder dresses, sneakers, slippers etc. will not be permitted. Similarly, footwear must be black, clean, comfortable and free from funky designs,” the minister added.

The main reason Haryana banned jeans and various accessories is to maintain discipline and unity. It is also necessary to follow this dress code as it doesn’t cause any distraction when the employees are performing their duties. For more such updates and news headlines subscribe to STMN News.

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