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Hindu-American Summit Held at US Capitol to Advocate for Community Concerns

A historic Hindu-American Summit for Political Engagement was recently held at the US Capitol on June 14, 2023. Organized by the Americans4Hindus political Action committee in collaboration with more than 20 other diaspora bodies, the summit provided a platform for prominent Indian Americans to raise concerns and engage with US lawmakers. Here are the key highlights from the event:

Prominent Gathering of Indian American Leaders

Representing various Hindu and Indian organizations across the United States, approximately 130 Indian American leaders from states such as Florida, New York, Boston, Texas, Chicago, and California congregated at the US Capitol. Their presence underscored the importance of fostering unity within the Hindu-American community.

Objectives of the Summit

The primary goal of the summit was to unite Hindu Americans and amplify their concerns before US lawmakers. Dr. Romesh Japra, a renowned cardiologist and one of the organizers, emphasized the need to address discrimination faced by Hindus, particularly based on caste. Dr. Japra voiced concerns regarding organizations such as Equality Labs and CARE, which he alleged are attempting to undermine Hinduism. The summit aimed to bring these issues to the forefront and seek support from Congress.

Keynote Address by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

The summit was graced by the presence of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who delivered the keynote address. McCarthy’s participation highlighted the significance of the event and demonstrated the attention it received from top-ranking political figures. Additionally, several other Congressional leaders from both the Democratic and Republican parties, including Indian American lawmakers, were expected to address the attendees.

Formation of the Hindu Caucus

In an effort to protect the interests of Hindu Americans and promote dialogue on pertinent issues, the community announced plans to establish the first-ever Hindu Caucus within the House of Representatives. The Hindu Caucus aims to address concerns related to Hindu phobia, Hindu hate, and immigration and seeks to garner support from Congressional leaders, senators, and representatives who align with Hindu principles and values.

Endorsements and Fundraising for Congressional Leaders

To advance their advocacy efforts, the Hindu American community expressed its intention to endorse and raise funds for Congressional leaders who are supportive of their concerns. This strategic initiative aims to foster positive relationships with lawmakers and create an environment conducive to meaningful policy discussions.

Participating Organizations

The Hindu American Summit saw active involvement from various organizations, including the American Hindu Coalition, American Hindu Federation, Americans for Equality PAC, Ekal Vidyalaya, Federation of Indian Americans, Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies, Hindu Action, Hindu Action PAC of Florida, Hindu PACR, Hindu Swyamsevak Sangha, Hindu University of America, Kashmir Hindu Foundation, Patriot America, Sewa International, US India Relationship Council, and World Hindu Council of America. The collaboration of these organizations underscores the collective strength and unity of the Hindu-American community.

The Hindu-American Summit held at the US Capitol served as a historic milestone in advocating for the concerns and interests of the Hindu-American community. By engaging with US lawmakers, the summit aimed to create awareness, foster dialogue, and promote Hindu principles and values within the American political landscape. The event emphasized the community’s commitment to active political engagement and its dedication to building strong relationships with key decision-makers.

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