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In a legal case, Google’s $168 billions in advertising money are in danger: United States Court

Gonzalez v. Google, a lawsuit that will be heard on Tuesday, concerns whether internet service companies are accountable for the material their engines suggest to subscribers. The technology sector claims that Section 230 of the Communications And multimedia act provides it with legal representation.
Nevertheless, one such choice might also go directly against the computerized ad network that both Facebook and Google, owned by Alphabet Inc. and Social Platforms Inc., depend on to generate most of their income.
Digital broadcasters see the situation as a grave danger.

Marc Beckman, General Executive Director of DMA Union, an international company that often uses Google’s and Facebook’s capabilities to provide personalized advertisements to prospective customers from all over the world, stated that “the judgment might negatively affect the comprehensive marketing environment.”

The family of Nohemi Gonzalez, a 23-year-old American resident slain in one of at least a hundred synchronized strikes by the Islamic State in Paris in November 2015, has filed a lawsuit against the Search engine.
Google chose not to comment on the matter. The social networking sites powerhouse is concerned that the courts may reduce the safeguards provided by Section 230, which it thinks protects it from accountability for all material posted by third-party companies, including advertisements. A spokeswoman for Meta acknowledged this concern.
According to analysts, a sweeping judgment by the Judicial Branch may end the industry of presenting customized online advertisements and bring online advertising practices to the beginning of the 1990s.

Jess Miers, a legal advocacy lawyer with the innovation organization Chamber of Progress, said: “If we refrain from customizing advertisements, we’re heading back to the old ‘nineties paradigm see who takes.

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