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Increased security around Indian House for British Sikhs Protest

Increased security around Indian House for Protest

Increased security around Indian House for Protest. The Indian High Commission has been surrounded with barricades for protection from the planned demonstration that was called in by some British Sikh groups. The security in that area has also been increased. All these preparations took place on Wednesday 22 March 2023. The banners for the protest are already circulating on social media. Many organizations such as the Federation of Sikhs Organizations (FSO) and the Sikh Youth Jathebandia, are posting their banners online. The protesters decided to start protesting at the Indian House and smashed the windows while trying to pull down the Indian Flag. They also waved the Khalistan flag over there.

Message from the Indian High Commissioner

The security around the Indian House has been increased. Many uniformed officers have been patrolling the area in Aldwych and Metropolitan Police vans have been stationed at India Place. The Indian High Commission in London has been working towards stopping the spread of false information. They are also trying to come up with ways to stop manage and control the protests in London. The Indian High Commissioner said in a video which was posted on twitter, “Let me assure all our friends here in the UK, especially brothers and sisters with relatives in Punjab, that there is no truth to the sensationalist lies being circulated on social media,”.

Later in an update on the enforcement action, Doraiswami said that the Punjab police has launched an investigation against the elements of the group, “Waris Punjab De”. The Punjab police has also discovered that many criminal cases have been recorded against the group, particularly against Amritpal Singh who is the chief of this organization. To help cope with all the chaos, several diaspora groups gathered around the Indian House for a “We Stand by High Commission of India”. This was done as a festive activity in London on Tuesday to show solidarity and oneness against the act of vandalism. For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News. Environment Sect. emphasizes on protecting elephants in Tamil Nadu

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