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Pilot death prompts aviation ministry to review pilot fatigue data

The sudden demise of an Indigo pilot prompted officials to review fatigue data 

The aviation ministry of India has launched a review of policies and fatigue data following the death of an IndiGo pilot. There have not been such reviews in previous years.

The move comes after the sudden demise of an IndiGo pilot. They had collapsed and died pre-flight. The incident has incited complaints from several other Indian pilots. They claim that they are overworked even when complying with the regulations.

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Airline pilots have decided to come together and form an association to challenge the regulations. They claim that these regulations lead to more fatigue and exhaustion for the pilots. It jeopardises the safety of the pilot, crew, and passengers.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DCGA) has ordered a review of all fatigue data. Spot checks and airlane surveillance helped in collecting data. This data will help to determine if the regulations are causing excessive fatigue among pilots.

A step further can be taken by asking various airlines to submit pilot reports regarding fatigue. An anonymous official states that the review will be at a granular level.

Pilot fatigue is widespread globally. However, India is at the forefront of the issue due to its rising aviation industry. Airline companies such as IndiGo and Tata-owned Air India are purchasing even more aircraft.

Pilot Concerns

Following the sudden death of the IndiGo pilot, several hundred pilots have come together to show support. They have decided to petition for regulation changes and to make reporting easier for pilots.

Captain Shakti Lumba is a retired vice president for IndiGo Airlines. He has garnered the support of hundreds of pilots and will raise awareness and concerns regarding pilot safety with the concerned authorities.

Lumba states that the group’s focus is to change the current regulations. They want to bring them up to par with international standards and practices. It will ensure the safety of the pilots, crew, and passengers.

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