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Indian composer Ricky Kej wins the 3rd Grammy award

The news article focuses on Ricky Kej who wins the 3rd Grammy Award 

Ricky Kej, a Bengaluru-based composer, has received his third Grammy Award for the album “Divine Tides.” The musician of the renowned British pop group The Police, Stewart Copeland, who worked with the American-born singer on the song, also received an award.
The pair won the platinum distinction for the most comprehensive sound recording at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. Regarding the same record last year, they received a Grammy in the best modern-era record categories.
The Chainsmokers (‘Memories… Do Not Open’), Jane Irabloom (‘Picturing The Invisible- Focus 1’), Nidarosdomens Jentekor & Trondeheimsolistene (‘Tuvahyun – Beatitudes for a Wounded World’), and Christina Aguilera were the remaining candidates in this genre.
Nine songs make up the compilation “Divine Tides,” which tries to convey the idea that “each unexamined personality plays a critical role in preserving the equilibrium that benefits all fairly.”
My song has always possessed significant Indian origins, even though it is cross-cultural, and I am incredibly delighted that Indian culture has been acknowledged and chosen for this significant achievement by The Musical School.
This recognition strengthens my resolve to keep creating music with significant positive media power.
Ricky is just the fourth Indian and youngest individual from India to already have won an Award Nomination. For “Winds of Samsara,” Kej won the first Grammy in the category of the finest new age recording in 2015.
American singer and songwriter Stewart Copeland is a five-time Grammy Award winner. He is the band’s co-founder and guitarist. The Officers is a British heavy metal band that has sold more than 1 billion recordings internationally.
Copeland has collected five Grammy awards for best as a consequence of his involvement with The Police. This is the second honor with Kej as his partner.

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