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Indian Overseas Congress Denounces Allegations of External Control over Rahul Gandhi’s US Visit

Date: June 1, 2023

The Indian Overseas Congress, USA (IOCUSA), has strongly denounced allegations suggesting that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s ongoing visit to the United States is being controlled by a specific minority group. IOCUSA categorizes these accusations as part of a deliberate “misinformation campaign” aimed at tarnishing the significance of Gandhi’s visit and undermining its purpose.

Rahul Gandhi arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday to embark on a three-city tour across the United States. His visit has garnered substantial attention both in the US and in India, with people eagerly anticipating his progressive vision and the opportunity to engage with him. However, certain individuals or groups seem to have been agitated by the widespread enthusiasm and have resorted to spreading false information to delegitimize the purpose of his visit.

In a statement released on Wednesday, IOCUSA vehemently refuted the efforts to portray Gandhi’s visit as being controlled by a specific minority group allegedly maintaining an undesirable alliance with external entities. The organization made it explicitly clear that the Indian Overseas Congress, USA operates autonomously and is not subservient to any religious or minority group in the country.

The statement further emphasized that the Congress party does not endorse any policies aimed at dividing people based on their religious preferences. IOCUSA warmly welcomes individuals from all religious, caste, linguistic, and regional backgrounds to participate in the upcoming events associated with Gandhi’s visit.

Despite the negative reactions and the proliferation of fake news surrounding Rahul Gandhi’s visit, IOCUSA perceives these developments as a concentrated effort by vested interests to diminish the significance of his tour. The organization remains confident that the public will reject these attempts at intimidation and subterfuge, choosing instead to embrace openness and constructive dialogue.

The Indian Overseas Congress, USA firmly stands in support of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to America, considering it a valuable opportunity for engagement and exchange between the Indian diaspora and American society. The organization is dedicated to promoting the principles of inclusivity and unity, transcending religious, cultural, and regional boundaries.

As Rahul Gandhi continues his tour, it is expected that his interactions and engagements will provide a platform for meaningful discussions and foster a greater understanding between the Indian community abroad and the United States. The Indian Overseas Congress, USA remains committed to facilitating a constructive dialogue that contributes to the progress and unity of both nations.

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