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Indian scientists find a 13-times bigger planet than Jupiter

The planet is located 721 light years distant from Earth and revolves around its star every 7.24 days.

A team of scientists from the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, headed by Professor Abhijit Chakrabory, has discovered the densest alien planet that is 13 times bigger than Jupiter.

This is the third exoplanet discovered by the PRL scientists, and their studies were published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters.

A team of scientists from India, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States used the indigenous PRL-Advanced Radial-Velocity Abu-sky Search Spectrography (PARAS) at the Gurushikhar Observatory in Mt.Abu to measure the mass of the planet precisely. This exoplant contains a mass of 14 g/cm3.

The ground-breaking technology helped the team make the astronomical discoveries.

This newly found planet orbits a star known as TOI-4603, a sub-giant F-type star from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). According to the scientist, it is one of the few known massive planets with an extreme density. It is located in the transition mass region of massive gaint planets and low-mass brown dwarfs, with an important addition to the population of a few more than five known objects in the mass range.

The existence of the planet has been confirmed, and it is named TOI4603b or HD 24514b. It is located 731 light years from the Earth and completes one rotation of its star every 7.24 days, with a temperature of around 1396 degrees celsius.According to the study, the planet’s mass ranges from 11 to 16 times that of Jupiter and is raging hot. The surface temperature of the exoplanet, 1670 K, is likely undergoing high-eccentricity tidal migration with an eccentricity value of 0.3.

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