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Infosys allots 5.11 lakh for top-performing employees

Infosys allotted around or more than 5.11 lakh equity shares to motivate talented employees in two schemes on May 12 as a reward for their cooperation in the company’s growth and development, to expand their ownership, and to also expand their performance.

The Infosys official statement, which was delivered on May 14, said that the company has allotted 5,11,862 equity shares on May 12 as  stock units for eligible employees. 1,04,335 units are reserved for the 2015 stock incentive compensation plan, and 4,07,527 are allotted under the Infosys expanded stock ownership programme, out of the total shares allotted.

Now come to the point of the high attrition rate in the IT sector. The company’s growth for this year was 29219, which is down 46% from last year’s net value of 54,396. With a population of 3,43,234 as of March 31, 2023. It was the first time since COVID quarters that Infosys ended the quarter with a small number of employees.

According to the policies of the company, they focused on the flexibility and talent of employees experiences. Based on the commitment of the company’s HR, they are working in flexible modes, which were learned from the pandemic period.

The main purpose of allotting the stock incentive compensation of the 2015 fund is to attract, motivate, retain, and encourage individual employees. In contrast, as Infosys expands its stock ownership programmed in 2019, the company will focus on increasing shareholder value, increasing incentives, and retaining and attracting key talent. This plan has been replaced by the earlier restricted stock units (RSU) plan of 2011.

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