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Jagan loosing trust within the YSRCP?

On Friday, the YSRCP launched its ‘Jaganne Maa Bhavishyathu’ campaign, with the election being round the corner.  But, reports suggest that within the YCP, many workers and MLAs are discontent with the YSRCP leadership and CM Jagan Mohan Reddy specifically. It was exposed in the recent MLC elections and slowly one after the other MLA is coming out and openly expressing their opinion on the party’s functionality.

Recently, Adoni constituency MLA Sai Prasad Reddy stated that the Chief Minsiter lacks experience and he needs another five years term to gain full experience and command over the government operations and party affairs.

“It’s true that the YCP leader and tier two leaders are unhappy with CM Jagan and YCP leadership. It’s because CM Reddy is rather inexperienced and isn’t the most ideal leader. This is his first ever term as Chief Minister and he has learned a lot in the last four years. If the people of AP bless CM Jagan once again, he will prove his mettle as a complete leader,” quoted Sai Prasad Reddy.

The Oppostion Parties have also unleashed a barrage of attacks on CM Jagan and have been constantly criticising his leadership and have called him immature and inexperienced on multiple occasions.

The MLA’s comments have sent tremors within the YCP and many insiders were shocked that the MLA was critical of CM Jagan but in a diplomatic way. A section of YCP stands with MLA Prasad Reddy and agreed that CM Jagan had a tough time handling the party and government and as time progresses, he could balance both efficiently.

With political turmoils eating away at the party from the inside like termites,  and the Oppostion eyeing the throne like hawks, it will be interesting to see how the party manages to perform in the upcoming elections and if CM J.M. Reddy will be able to defend his crown.


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