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Jaipur CM accuses BJP of gaining political mileage

Ashok Gehlot, the governor of Jaipur, aimed at the Bharatiya Janata party on Tuesday, alleging that certain of the party’s representatives disrespected the spouses of heroes and exploited women for political ends. This occurred a day after the family members of the CRPF people murdered in the 2019 Pulwama terrorism incident showed up at Congress leader Sachin Pilot’s house as well as requested to speak with the coalition’s top leadership, blaming the state legislature for breaking its commitments to people.

In a speech, Mr. Gehlot said the same while specifically mentioning Bharatiya Janata party Sabha Member Kirodi Lal Meena, who was allegedly participating in a “bandh” with the spouses of the victims: “A few Bharatiya Janata party officials are insulting the soldiers’ spouses by exploiting them for purely political reasons. Jaipur has never experienced a custom like this. I despise it.” The spouses’ requests also include the erection of statues commemorating the deceased army personnel, the creation of highways in their communities, and the caring employment of their relations.

In the speech, Mr. Gehlot claimed that regardless of the fact that two statues were previously erected at the Public University in Kota and a playground in his hometown of Vinod Kalan, Hemraj Meena’s spouse still requests the installation of a new monument. “Such a request is not acceptable bearing in consideration similar victim family,” the chief minister added in the speech in Hindi. Under humanitarian grounds, the spouse of Rohitash Lamba is seeking an employment opportunity for her brother-in-law, however, if she succeeds, similar spouses of soldiers may begin making extra stress on her.

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