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“Journeying with BBC: Reflections on a Star-Studded Personal Experience”

Along the five years of my journey as a media student, my strength is somewhere lies as a writer followed by technical competence while I’m least likely to go for audio related projects. This comes as an exception knowing, the man in frame is more than a brand himself, what a better way to recall the end of my student journey linked to a distinctive premier institution within Northeast.

It gives me immense pleasure to have availed the opportunity, though it could have been top notched for an important event. Technical glitches in between, with identifiable nervousness in my tone couldn’t have been nailed with ease and cannot imagine the same calm approach by anyone else for someone with a glorious experience.

Would like to thank the man himself as face of BBC, Sachin Gogoi, my mentor Sir Abhilash Bapanasa (faculty at Tezpur Uni – Dept of MCJ, producer Pawan Upadhyaya  and to the dept for the platform.

This comes as a star-studded personal experience because who else hasn’t dreamt of BBC! I’ve not reckoned ever on this eve, yet it protrudes the possibility that sincerity, hard work, efficiency, and flexibility will pay you to achieve dreams or fantasies. As Sachin Gogoi says in his closing message in the podcast, “happy individuals are productive individuals”, here’s to more dreams and aspirations of ours to take root as we journey along.

This experience entails in me to build my confidence because it sets the benchmark of what I should expect from the world as I prepare to set out in the industry, no doubt for such a glorified career, we as kids don’t grow up aware of the ground realities. Like me, there’s another possible few thousands who tunes into BBC thinking of opportunities to pop up as though it were a given to anchor the morning shows or even a correspondent. All organisations are driven by its agendas, agendas shouldered by BBC holds a prestigious element in driving what is worth the read or worth discovering.

The podcast episode is officially made available on TU MCJ Radio through play store, while marking the eve of ‘World Press Freedom Day, an important landmark for practitioners in the frontline with the man himself, Sachin Gogoi, the Editorial Lead for BBC News.

The episode delves into Gogoi’s career trajectory and the challenges and opportunities in the field of journalism. Gogoi also shared his thoughts on the growth of new media and the impact of press freedom, particularly in the Northeast region of India.

Prior to the podcast, the Gogoi held an intensive Workshop cum Discussion on May 2 2023 with the 2nd and 4th Sem students of the Dept. of Mass Comm and Journalism, Tezpur University, an alumnus himself of the Dept. On May 3 2023, a lecture was delivered by Gogoi culminating World Press Freedom Day.

World Press Freedom Day, observed since 1993 to raise awareness about the importance of press freedom and to celebrate the fundamental principles of media freedom. It serves as a reminder of the critical role that a free and independent press plays in promoting democracy, transparency, and accountability. This day recognizes the challenges faced by journalists worldwide, including censorship, harassment, violence, and threats to their safety. It provides an opportunity to highlight the significance of a free press in providing reliable information, fostering public discourse, and holding those in power accountable. World Press Freedom Day serves as a call to action to protect and defend journalists’ rights and to ensure that they can carry out their work without fear or intimidation. By promoting press freedom, we uphold the principles of democracy and contribute to a more informed and empowered society.

An age, where safety of working professionals is least regarded, what a better way to decode the reality with awell-known journalist with extensive experience of over 18 years. A dynamic person who happens to be an alumnus of the Department of mass communication and journalism at Tezpur University. It’s not every day that we get to interact with a dynamic or a charismatic personality.

I hope this digital copy from the podcast will be informative to our readers and other media enthusiasts -Avolu Theluo

Sachin Gogoi, BBC News Editorial Lead, Reflects on His Journalism Journey and Press Freedom

Hosted by Avolu Theluo, the episode delves into Gogoi’s career trajectory and the challenges and opportunities in the field of journalism. Gogoi also shared his thoughts on the growth of new media and the impact of press freedom, particularly in the Northeast region of India.

Gogoi expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to return to the MCJ department, a place he had regularly visited over the past two decades. He spoke fondly of the interactions with students, faculty, and staff, emphasizing the support and love he had received over the years.

Reflecting on his career journey, Gogoi highlighted the pivotal role that his time in the MCJ department played in shaping his path. He shared that his “passion for journalism was ignited during his college years”, leading him to pursue a course in the department. Gogoi emphasized the importance of taking each step with sincerity and dedication, focusing on personal growth and seizing opportunities as they arise.

When asked about the financial stability in the media industry, for newcomers, Gogoi acknowledged the wide range of possibilities. He emphasized that “individuals who keep themselves updated, deliver value to organizations, and prove their worth can increase their income potential”. Gogoi encouraged aspiring journalists to be passionate about their chosen field, as passion drives enjoyment and productivity.

Gogoi also discussed the obstacles he encountered during his journey. He categorized them into external and internal challenges. Externally, he emphasized the competition for jobs in media organizations and the need to present oneself effectively to potential employers. Internally, he highlighted the continuous learning process and the importance of embracing new knowledge and skills.

Regarding the growth of new media outlets and its impact on press freedom, Gogoi acknowledged both the benefits and challenges. He stressed “the need to differentiate between entities that serve journalism and those that prioritize personal interests”. Gogoi cautioned against treating every individual capable of disseminating news as a journalist and emphasized responsible usage of technology in the field.

Talking on the role of local media, particularly in the Northeast states of India. Gogoi emphasized that local media plays a crucial role in highlighting grassroots issues that might be overlooked by national media outlets. He also commended the initiatives taken by young individuals to spread positive and meaningful news through social media.

As the conversation touched upon the responsibilities of journalists, Gogoi underscored the importance of fulfilling the commitment to society. He warned against disseminating misinformation or disinformation and emphasized the need to question those in power. Gogoi urged journalists to uphold their responsibility and contribute meaningfully to society.

In conclusion, Gogoi offered suggestions for media enthusiasts aiming to pursue a career in journalism. He encouraged them to become effective storytellers by developing substantive knowledge, conducting thorough research, and honing their presentation skills. Gogoi emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and hard work in both subject matter expertise and presentation abilities.

As World Press Freedom Day was celebrated worldwide, Sachin Gogoi’s insights provided valuable perspectives on the journalism journey, press freedom, and the evolving media landscape.

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