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K Kavitha to do hunger strike in Delhi

The Feminist’s Quota Bill was put forward in the Indian Parliament in May 2008 but was assigned to a governing council. It aims to allocate 33% more members in the Legislative Council and all national legislatures for women. At Jantar Mantar, K Kavitha would go on a starvation diet to force the administration into enacting the legislation.

Today in Delhi, K Kavitha, a prominent Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS) member, is fasting in protest of the Feminist’s Quota Bill’s lack of presence in the Legislature. In Ms. Kavitha’s day-long rally at Jantar Mantar in the metropolis, representatives of a variety of political organizations, particularly Trinamool Congress and Samajwadi Party, are scheduled. This occurs one day before she is expected to be questioned by the Crime Branch on the scandal involving the Delhi alcohol law.
Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s daughter, Ms. Kavitha, stated that 18 organizations had guaranteed their involvement in the demonstration. The ED had called on March 9. She told journalists in the country’s capital yesterday, “I asked for March 16, and don’t understand their urgency, so I accepted for March 11.

“Why did the ED pick the day prior to our demonstration and come to interrogate me? It might have occurred the following day in addition, “Added Ms. Kavitha.

Upon that Feminist’s Quota Law, she maintained that despite winning a substantial victory in both the 2014 and 2019 assembly polls and promising to execute the legislative changes, the Bharatiya Janata party failed to fulfill its promise.

“The participation will be significantly higher than the 500–600 individuals fasting. 18 opposition groups and more than 6,000 participants have declared their involvement, “She said.

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