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Karnataka assembly elections witness 4.5 times increase in seizures: EC

The Election Commission (EC) has revealed that the amount of cash, liquor, drugs, and other illegal items seized during the recently concluded Karnataka assembly elections was 4.5 times more than the seizures made during the previous assembly polls held in 2018.

According to the EC, the seizures made during the Karnataka assembly elections amounted to a total of Rs. 236.61 crore, which is significantly higher than the Rs. 53.40 crore seized during the 2018 assembly polls.

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The Model Code of Conduct (MCC) and other rules were strictly enforced throughout the election period, according to the EC, which explained the rise in seizures. The MCC is a collection of rules established by the EC that forbids the use of money, alcohol, and other unlawful items to sway voters and aims to ensure free and fair elections.

Cash seizures during the Karnataka elections were Rs. 127.31 crores, which was the highest sum ever. The other things seized were Rs. 0.93 crores in other goods, Rs. 30.82 crore in narcotics, and Rs. 78.55 crore in alcohol.

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The EC also disclosed that during the Karnataka assembly elections, more than 1,300 charges were filed for violations of the MCC and other laws. This involved instances of illegal cash transactions, distribution of liquor, and other illegal activities aimed at influencing voters.

For the EC, the rise in seizures and cases reported during the Karnataka assembly elections is a positive development as it shows that the MCC and other laws are being more strictly enforced and followed. Additionally, it sends a clear message to political parties and candidates that the EC is committed to holding free and fair elections and will not put up with any efforts to sway voters in an unconstitutional manner.

The EC’s attempts to enforce the MCC and other laws will be widely observed as the nation prepares for additional assembly elections in the coming months. The EC wants to make sure that every voter may exercise their right to vote without fear or compulsion.

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