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Karnataka government to make a separate education policy, instead of NEP

In an announcement that has since assumed sensational lengths, the deputy chief minister of Karnataka has announced that his state will be scrapping the New Educational Policy that was introduced with considerable showmanship in 2021 and it quite changed the landscape of Indian education, although the Corona was what had really captured the public sentiment back then and the students that were the target audience to this policy were more busy in the overloading of assignments and online classes back then, i speak from personal experience and on behalf of my other friends too.

Nothing personal has come up in this move, rather it has been diplomatically announced that a newer policy will be specifically tailored to meet the educational needs of the state. It is an easy thing to say so in the spur of the moment when you are faced with a camera from a top news agency like ANI but in reality, it can be safely assumed that things like these can never be totally unique, for you will look at previous cases, present and future ones as well, you will look at other states too, so the chances of making something completely new are minimal unless a very radical step is taken, like the Hutchins Chicago plan, taken up by the genius of Robert Hutchins, who stepped up for liberal education and assessments instead of looking at the dreary classroom time. 

To come back to the matter at hand, DN Shivakumar, has certainly enjoyed a reputation of being a pragmatic chief minister and something of a visionary with a hint of the Uranian radical energy, being 27 and getting elected as the minister of prisons and home guards, a considerable achievement for any politician’s curriculum vitae

A committee is to be prepared in a week with further deliberations lying ahead.

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