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Karnataka VHP Leader’s Controversial Remarks on the Gujarat Riots

The 2002 Gujarat riots, according to a spokesperson of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, demonstrated the “courage and capacity of Hindus,” and Hindu youths responded “appropriately” to “Muslim jihadists” for the murder of BJP Yuva Morcha leader Praveen Nettaru. During the Bajrang Dal’s “Shaurya Yatra” in Karnataka’s Tumkur district, the leader of the Hindutva movement, Sharan Pumpwell, made these contentious comments amid a national outcry over a BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“My dear brothers, there is never an ineffective Hindu society. It’s never going to be incapable. We have shown the world our power. recall what transpired in Gujarat.” – Sharan Pumpwell , VHP Leader Karnataka.

The construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya used 58 soldiers, called karsevaks. However, they were set on fire. Gujarat’s response: No one stayed in their homes; instead, they went out into the streets and went into every single house.

How many people perished in Gujarat because of the murder of 58 karsevaks? Although it is impossible to calculate precisely, Gujarat saw the murder of about 2,000 individuals, a feat that demonstrates the Hindus’ bravery and skill. Do we lack bravery? Do we not have the ability? stated Pumpwell. “Angry youths in Surathkal killed the Muslim terrorists as retaliation for the murder of Praveen Nettaru; not in a remote location, but in an open market.” That’s the youth’s strength, he noted. In response to Pumpwell’s remarks, the Karnataka Congress claimed that the RSS and BJP had a covert goal to polarise the state before the assembly elections. The state government must take action against the VHP leader for attempting to disrupt the law and order situation, according to Congress MLC Nagraj Yadav.

“We shouldn’t support this.” A legal court has already heard testimony on the subject. Why is this being brought up in public? This undermines the nation’s law and order situation. The individuals in charge of maintaining law and order in the state need to be aware of this, treat it seriously, and request an explanation from the offending party. Yadav said he has to have a case filed against him.

The Congress MLC further claimed that because these leaders of Hindutva organisations were supported by the right wing, the BJP in the state would never take legal action against them.

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