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‘Khandi’ and ‘Kolhapuri’ to ‘Malpua”: PM Modi serves lunch to Pacific Nation Leaders

On the third Indian-Pacific Island Cooperation (FIPIC) summit in Papua New Guinea on Monday, PM Modi served Indian cuisine and mementos at the banquet lunch. PM Modi is the first Indian to visit the Pacific Nations, and with his Papua New Guinea counterpart Jame Marape, they co-hosted a summit between India and the 14 Pacific Nations.

On the meet, they promoted Indian food, including Khandvi, popular in Gujrat; millet and vegetable soup made with Kodo millet and Malai kofta; ragi gatta curry from Rajasthan; finger millet and gramme flour dumplings cooked in sour gravy; vegetable kolhapuri; and dal panchmel.

Biryani included millet, vegetables,rich barnyard millet, and nannu fulka. Bread made from wheat flour was also served. The menu also included Indian desserts and beverages, including drinks made with milk, creamy yoghurt, Indian spices, and Indian sweet pancakes.

The presence of millets in the menu indicates how much value India gives to millets and the efforts to promote them to raise awareness for food security and nutrition. PM Modi gives the term “Shree Anna” new meaning and dimension.

The United Nations declared 2023 the International Year of Millet on India’s initiative to spread awareness of millet among the public regarding food safety and nutrition and also to increase the shareholder, productivity, and quality of millets.

Due to the short-term showing season, millets can develop from pre-manufactured seed called ready-to-harvest. This tendency of millenials is of vital importance in densely populated regions of the world.

Commonly grown millets in India are Jowar, Bajara,Ragi,Jhangora, Barri, Kadra, etc. varieties of millets. Millets are rich in protein, antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients. It helps control blood and cholesterol levels and is an ideal diet for diabetic patients.

It has a low glycemic index, which makes it a perfect choice for people who suffer from any problem.

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