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Know why BMC demolished ‘Dargah’ in Mumbai !

The ‘illegal’ dargah built on the coastline of Mumbai’s Mahim beach. The structure was demolished by BMC with their officials. The news was reported by news agency ANI.

Raj Thackrey, associated with Bhartiya Vidyarthi  Sena, alleged that ‘illegal’ dargah is built at the Mahim beach area. At his address at Gudi Padwa, he played the clipped and claimed that the structure is built on the encroached land. Although there is no clear evidence supporting that on Raj Thackrey’s allegations, BMC has taken such steps.

BMC demolished the structure at Mahim beach area which is a bay, a part of Arabian sea in Mumbai, Maharastra. Worli is at the south end, Bandra Reclamation in the northern end of the beach and it lies in the centre, as reported by news agency ANI on Thursday morning.

Raj Thackrey, a political leader from Mumbai, associated with Bhartiya Vidhyarti Party. He came into prominence during 1990 Maharastra assembly elections. He is the founding chairperson of Maharastra Navnirman Sena (MNS), a regional political party which was established in 2006. He is the nephew of Balasaheb Thackrey. He resigned from Shiv Sena party in 2005 and established his own party in 2006.

He also led a violent movement against Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Migrants in Mumbai commercial capital. He rhetorically said that dadagiri continued and will not be tolerated in 2008. In the same year he banned Australian Cricketers, participating in IPL 3 as players of Mumbai team as the attack against Indian students in Australia.

In October 2009, Raj Thackrey objected on the film ‘Wake up Sid.’ The film pronounced ‘Mumbai’ as ‘Bombay.’ The film contained 700 frames where the pronunciation was noticed. He banned the film in various theatres of Mumbai.  

On Thursday morning, BMC officials demolished the structure. Collector Rajiv Nivatkar and his six-member team were present at the site.

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