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Latest update by Whatsapp, can now be used on multi devices 

One account can be accessed on several devices by WhatsApp Web and Desktop users. One WhatsApp account may now be used on up to four handsets thanks to a new update from Meta. It has long been an ongoing hot topic of making it a possible because of possible shortcomings, for instance when an individual loses access of his phone, he risks losing all his files without much support system by the company.

Each individual account cna now be linked up to four gadgets which will function independently, and the independent devices will continue to receive messages even if the central device’s network connection is lost. It has also been communicated that WhatsApp will log out of all the companion devices automatically if the primary smartphone is dormant for an extended period of time.

Linkage trick :

It is possible to add partner devices in a number of ways, and Meta has promised to release more of them.The OTP must currently be received on the primary cellphone once the phone number has been entered on the backup device.

By scanning the code on the primary device, one can also add a companion device.Users will be able to add a companion device, which can also be an Android or iOS device, after creating a WhatsApp account on an Android or iOS smartphone.As stated by Meta, the upgrade is presently being distributed internationally and should be accessible for all devices in the ensuing weeks.

The feature may be accessed after availing the latest update feature through the playstore for both android and ios users.

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