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Linda Yaccarina’s resignation is her job as CEO

At NBC Universal, the CEO of Twitter, Yaccarina, is leaving her job. They work with the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, as chief technology officer and executive chairman.

Since October, Musk has fired or lost around 75% of his Twitter employees. Both Linda and Musk have deep relationships in sales and partnerships.

In 2011, Linda joined Comcast’s NBC Universal. After two decades, they turned towards the home of cable channels like TNT and TBS. During her tenure at NBC, she launched the ad-supported service Peacock, live events like the Super Bowl and Olympic Games, and also had partnerships with tech companies like Snap Chat, Twitter, and YouTube.

She is best known for leading the TV industry, according to the statement of Michael Kassan, CEO of a marketing and media consulting firm. She is known for being ahead of the curve in measurement and marketing, and she is extraordinarily well respected in the industry. She has an amazing relationship with branded agencies.

During this term of tenure, Musk will slow down the thousands of jobs on Twitter that draw less than 1% of the user base, like Twitter Blue and the subscription service plan.

Tweeter needs $12.5 billion in debt, and Musk expects to increase $1.2 billion in annual interest. Twitter revenue has fallen by 50% since October, resulting in a massive decline.

According to the CEO of Horizon Media, Dave Campanili, Yaccarino was “very tough in negotiations,” and she has the power to understand the advertising feed. Yaccarino is perceived as having a trustworthy and empathic personality by those who know her personally.

During the conference last month in Miami, Linda pushed Musk’s plans. Making policies for making brands comfortable while Musk feels ‘derisked’ and ‘ awful” They also said Musk was on stage, where no one could help him improve the situation.

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