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Lucknow Outstation faces difficulty in accommodating outstation students: Aggrieved Students Disparage on Social Media

In recent news spreading over social media from Lucknow, a growing number of outstation students enrolled at Lucknow University have taken to social media platforms to voice their dissatisfaction over the prolonged process of hostel allotment.

The delay in the allotment process has reportedly caused significant inconvenience to incoming students who have travelled from different cities. While classes for undergraduate programs are already in full swing, the delay has compelled many newcomers to seek temporary rental accommodations at a considerable expense.

A student, who wished to remain anonymous, shared their experience, stating that they are with other students currently residing in rented lodgings in the Aliganj area due to the university’s failure to assign hostel rooms in a timely manner.

The application process for hostel accommodations began in the early days of August, but the allocation process is yet to commence. As a result, many students are compelled to seek living arrangements scattered across the city, incurring substantial financial burdens.

One student from the law faculty highlighted a particularly concerning issue. According to this student, their classes commenced on August 28, and on the very same day, returning students were directed to vacate their hostel rooms.

This situation sparked criticism, as students were forced to vacate their lodgings precisely on the day their academic activities began.

Law faculty students also circulated a notice issued by Professor Mohd Ahmad, who oversees matters as the additional proctor at LU’s second campus. The notice, dated August 28, communicated the requirement for students in Homi Jehangir Bhabha and Law Hostel to immediately vacate rooms that were locked and remained occupied following exams.

The notice warned of strict disciplinary action if this directive was ignored. It was further noted that rooms that had been locked without proper authorization were sealed by the proctor’s office.

LU’s Dean of Student Academics, Poonam Tandon, and Chief Provost, Anoop Kumar Singh, have provided clarification that the hostel allotment process is indeed underway. However, as part of this procedure, students are expected to vacate the rooms they were assigned during the previous academic session. 

The university initiated the re-allotment process for both undergraduate and postgraduate students on August 8, with a total of 18 hostels catering to over 2,200 students. Among these, 16 hostels are designated for undergraduate and postgraduate students on both campuses, catering to both male and female students.

The remaining two hostels, namely the Golden Jubilee Hostel and the Balrampur Hostel, are specifically allocated for female and male research scholars respectively.

Significantly, the newly established Ganga Hostel on the second campus will provide accommodation exclusively for female students. This marks the first time such provisions are being made, and the hostel will house students from various courses including those from the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) and Pharmacy courses, subject to availability.

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