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Man cremates girl, gets a call from her after

In a headline that could possibly make up for paranormal headlines, ghost stories and brilliant journalistic sting operations, yes you read it right, a man cremated a girl, his daughter as has been identified, and then gets a call from her, saying she is still alive, which understandably shocked the living daylights out of him( James Bond pun intended) and led to quite a misunderstanding, which has now been calmed down with yet another sardonic twist at the end.

To decode the situation for you readers, this is how things went down- Police told in recent news, a girl named Anshu Kumari had gone missing in Akbarpur province, and all efforts had been given up, even after extensive and frantic searches by her family, labeling her to be declared missing( read dead), After giving up and accepting his fate fatalistically, the father of the girl identified a dead body as hers and then set about cremating her, until he received the fateful video call, which so overpowered him that he could not continue with the last rites, leaving it up to the girl’s grandfather to finish those.

In a romantic declaration, the girl who summoned up every ounce of bravery/foolhardiness, there is not much difference between the two without discretion, and told her still stunned father that she had eloped with her boyfriend and was currently living in Janki Nagar district in peace without attracting any undue attention, which is logical for in a country like ours where the group sentiment pervades and anything small can make large headlines through the grapevine.

What was the reaction of the father has not been disclosed at the moment but it has been discovered that the cremated girl was the victim of an honor killing and her parents are absconding, stirring up further investigation. 

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