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Manish Sisodia had played a role in liquor scam: ED

According to the Enforcement Directorate, Manish Sisodia played a substantial role in the suspected fraud involving the Delhi alcohol strategy. The investigation bureau made the declaration on Friday at Sisodia’s court appearance in Delhi’s Rose Avenue Court.

Therefore the interests of particular people, the officer testified to the tribunal that the strategy was drafted not taking the professional commission’s opinions into consideration. It claimed that the manner the strategy was written ensured that a relative handful of distributors would obtain a profitability of 12 percent, six percentage points higher than the desired level of profit was stated in the report.

According to the Directorate, claiming that they had evidence that Sisodia’s request led to the conclusion being reached, the percentage of income was maintained at 12 percent, which would have been entirely even against the policy.

The agency further stated that Manish Sisodia insisted on having specific rules weakened “only to enrich some few private sector companies”. It had claimed that certain policy adjustments facilitated cartelization.

The Directorate further stated that the Council of Ministers had never addressed specific aspects of such a proposal. But somehow, the rule was accepted and put into effect. The Council of Ministers had requested many different kinds of information, but none of them were actually considered, according to a comment from the former tax commissioners.

Manish Sisodia reportedly declined to cooperate with the inquiry, according to the investigating officer. The  Central Bureau of Investigation detained Manish Sisodia on February 26 and the Directorate detained him on Thursday on suspicion of organised crime in the framework of the investigation. Up until March 20, he was placed in court detention.

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