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Minor’s father disclaim the Sexual Harassment allegations on WFI chief

The Wrestlers from past few weeks has facing detentions and lot of  tensions throughout their protest against WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. The protest started from mid January asking for the investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment by WFI Chief passing a tense situations where it is coming across new verdicts and statements.

Alike, new statement registered by victim and her father disrupted Wrestler Protest.  The father of the minor wrestler claimed that their sexual allegations on WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is ‘False and Untrue’. Earlier, the complaint was registered under POSCO Act by Delhi Police on the basis of the assertion given by girl and her father.

The new statement which was registered to the Police by girl and her father brings up new questions. The girl’s father told that ‘the WFI Chief has not sexually harassed his daughter.’ Meanwhile, he also added that ‘I have not withdrawn the complain but have added new statements to it.’

Impact on Investigation:

Now, the fresh statement made by the parent of minor wrestler has given the case new turn. After the new version lifted up, the case of sexual harassment and punishment entitled to it has affected. It has eventually weakened the case under the Protection of Children against sexual offences (POSCO) Act. According to the sources the fresh statement was recorded under Section 164 (authorizes to record the new provision) of the Code of Criminal Procedure before a magistrate.  

Nevertheless, even there is retraction the court as well police investigation may choose to look at other evidences connected to the case and even seek if any pressure was imposed upon victim. Therefore, the legal path ahead is not clear or easy for Brij Bhusan. The Police is still investigating and court is still studying and reviewing the allegation on WFI Chief.

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