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Missing complaint lodged by Mukul’s son needs to be investigated”, says Kunal Ghosh

Apr 20, 2023, 10:30 PM (IST)

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“Missing complaint lodged by Mukul’s son needs to be investigated”, says Kunal Ghosh

On Monday, TMC leader Subhranshu Roy filed a missing complaint for his father Mukul Roy. After the missing complaint was lodged, Trinamool Congress MLA Kunal Ghosh said, “The missing complaint lodged by Mukul Roy’s son Subhranshu for his father needs to be investigated.”

He also adds, “The allegations brought up by Subhranshu are very important. He has reported on kidnapping and money transactions. This needs to be investigated.”

The missing complaint was lodged by Mukul’s son at Kolkata’s NSCBI Airport police station on Monday night. After being asked about the reason behind such a complaint, Subhranshu said, “Although I know he went to Delhi but I don’t know his exact location. My father is unwell. Just a few days ago he had brain surgery. His phone is also switched off.”

“I don’t know the exact reason behind his sudden visit to Delhi. When I got the news I went straight to Kolkata airport and appealed to the airport authorities and police to bring back my father. But the officials didn’t cooperate and said that the flight had already taken off”, adds Subhranshu.

Subhranshu couldn’t contact Mukul Roy. He says, “His phone was switched off. This must be some kind of plan of the opposition parties to malign Abhishek Banerjee.”

“Subhranshu says that there must be some involvement of opposition parties in Mukul’s missing complaint. So this matter needs to be investigated thoroughly”, said Kunal Ghosh.

In 2021, Mukul returned to TMC. After he rejoined TMC, BJP demanded the cancellation of Mukul’s membership from the Assembly.

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