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Modi has a field day in Athens, Rahul back from Ladakh

If there is a place that will find mentions in every conversation relating to history, politics, and philosophy, that nation has to be Greece. Excuse me for a moment, I just lapsed into a daydream that involved eating plump grapes, getting tanned in the sun while wearing a majestic toga( I need to do some working out to look good in that I know) and for all of you who want to know more about Greece through the intellectual eye, read the novel, The Colossus of Maroussi by Henry Miller, which takes place in this native land, describing his sojourns with Lawrence Durrell and George Katsimbalis, spread over 400 pages, written in a deeply personal yet observational style yet at times it comes off as professionally detached, which is a closer look at the paradox Henry Miller was in real life.


Our Prime Minister who has reached worldwide levels of popularity recently had a field day in Athens( I am sure he now knows what the book was talking about, compared to the most of us who just admire Greece on their computers)  and he has achieved Colossus status (not his first time though) for the Greek president conferred the Grand Cross of the Order of Honour on him while discussing other important issues like the increasing bilateral trade between the two nations, increase efforts in sectors like security, infrastructure, education, agriculture etc.

On the other hand, his opposition counterpart Rahul Gandhi has returned from Ladakh where photos of him wearing proper yet dapper looking biking overalls on a KTM which is notorious for making ungodly sounds when it is accelerated too much by the juvenile delinquents on social media, although he has now learnt to enjoy himself, for he shared many photos of the trip, including the ones with veterans.

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