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NCP member Amol Kolhe offers to resign and asserts that democratic principles are in peril.

Amol Kolhe, a well-known Marathi actor and Shirur MP for the NCP, has offered to step down from his position in parliament because he is dissatisfied with the state of politics at the moment. A first-time MP, Kolhe met NCP boss Sharad Pawar in Mumbai on Wednesday and communicated his longing to leave his post of MP.

Kolhe, who attended the swearing-in ceremony for Ajit Pawar and the other eight MLAs, stated that he was simply asked to remain present and had no knowledge of the development.

Kolhe posted a video to Twitter on Monday that said he would stay with the Sharad Pawar camp. Kolhe gave the media a copy of his resignation letter after meeting Sharad Pawar on Wednesday.

You gave me the chance to represent the people in Parliament as someone from a middle-class background. You offered me a chance to raise ranchers, laborers and everyday person’s concerns in Parliament. Kolhe said, “You guided in resolving the issue related to my constituency.” Numerous questions have been posed about the current political situation. There has been confusion about democratic values, principles, credibility, and ethics as a result of attempts to break parties, stealing elected representatives, and a desperate attempt to gain power. In the event that such a circumstance wins, what might be said about the citizens who trust you ? This power play will only make young people less interested in politics. And this hurts me,” the actor added.

“As an actor, I have played every role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj… Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj valued people’s autonomy, and I entered politics in accordance with his ideal. However, democratic values and principles are being violated today for the sake of power. Acceptance of this new culture is difficult for me. As a result, I am submitting my resignation and requesting your guidance…,” read the resignation letter.

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