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NCP Minister Clarifies Comments on Sharad Pawar’s Leadership Amid Controversy

Last month, a senior NCP minister joined the Eknath Shinde-led government in Maharashtra, simultaneously alongside Ajit Pawar. In a noteworthy turn of events, he publicly expressed his confidence in the leadership of Sharad Pawar. Interestingly, this endorsement came just a day after the minister had previously asserted that, throughout his extensive political career, Sharad Pawar had been unable to secure a “clear majority” for successful government formation.

Dilip Walse-Patil, the NCP minister in question, found himself facing criticism for his comments regarding Sharad Pawar. However, on a subsequent Monday, Walse-Patil clarified his stance, addressing the situation. He stated that his remarks, initially made at a public gathering in Pune, had been misconstrued by the media. Notably, he emphasized his unwavering respect for Sharad Pawar, an 82-year-old veteran leader. He affirmed that Pawar would continue to be his guiding force in politics.

Speaking to fellow party members in Manchar, his Assembly district of Ambegaon, Walse-Patil offered additional insight. He highlighted that, in his view, the people of Maharashtra had never conferred upon Sharad Pawar the authority to independently establish a government. This perspective challenges the narrative of Pawar’s political journey and raises questions about his ability to secure a decisive mandate from the electorate.

The state minister for cooperation and a former close Sharad Pawar aide, Walse-Patil, stated, “I feel the media has gotten it wrong. I never spoke ill about Pawar Saheb. I was expressing regret that while other regional parties achieved power on their own, the people of Maharashtra did not give it to him. There is no question of demeaning Pawar Saheb or questioning his ability,” stated Walse-Patil.

“Despite being their tallest leader, the people of Maharashtra did not stand with him with full strength. I expressed my disappointment about this. This is not the first time that I spoke about it. I have said this in the past as well, including in party meetings. It is impossible that I would utter a wrong word or criticise Pawar Saheb. I express regret over this misunderstanding,” he stated.

Jitendra Awhad, a former minister and a supporter of Sharad Pawar, criticized Walse-Patil and labeled him “ungrateful.” Additionally, NCP MLA and Pawar’s grandnephew, Rohit Pawar, pointed out that individuals like Walse-Patil had surrounded Sharad Pawar for much of his political career. This highlights the long-standing association between them. “Had these people worked harder, Pawar Saheb would have gained power single-handedly,” according to Rohit Pawar.

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