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NCP panel rejects Sharad Pawar’s resignation

Sharad Pawar, the experienced chief and leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), expressed his intention to quit from his position two days prior, however the NCP has rejected his resignation. The party’s new national president was to be chosen by an 18-member committee Pawar assembled on Friday. The committee overwhelmingly rejected his resignation.

The committee sent a resolution to party chief Praful Patel noting that although working presidents could be chosen, Pawar should remain the party’s leader. In a letter to Patel, NCP spokespersons asked him to support their effort to get Pawar’s resignation rejected.

Following the meeting, senior NCP figure Praful Patel urged Pawar to keep holding the position of party leader. He said, “The state, party, and the country need you now. You are the foundation of this party. You are a respected leader in the country. Your influence can be seen across the state.”

Patel continued by saying that a number of party officials and well-known figures had urged Pawar to change his mind about retiring. Prior to the meeting, NCP members chanted pro-Pawar chants outside the party office in Mumbai.

Pawar is a well-known politician from Maharashtra and a reputable national figure. Given his extensive experience and contributions to the party, his decision to resign surprised many. The party wants him to continue leading them, as seen by the committee’s rejection of his resignation.

In Maharashtra, the NCP is a powerful political force, and Pawar’s leadership has been crucial to the party’s development and success over the years. Party members and officials were uncertain about his decision to leave. The party can now proceed under Pawar’s leadership with a fresh feeling of purpose and drive thanks to the committee’s decision.

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