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Nitish Kumar’s outburst over English again

Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar recently lost his temper over language, but this has happened before. Nitish Kumar was spotted shoving Devesh Kumar Thakur, the chairman of the JDU, who just so happened to be his own party. The CM said, “Hindi khatam kar dijiyega kya”, Do you want to finish Hindi? While the chairman can be heard appeasing the chief minister, this event lasted no more than one minute.

Mr. Kumar has previously been spotted becoming upset when English was being spoken. A young graduate student who was narrating his speech at a farmer’s gathering last month when he used several English terms sparked the chief minister’s fury.

The opposition, in this case, the BJP, utilized this episode to criticize Kumar, who had been a BJP ally less than a year earlier. A party that has already been accused of its chauvinistic view of the Hindi language.

Nikhil Anand, a spokesman for the state BJP, stated in a tweet that the chief minister of Bihar has a significant psychiatric condition. Like a bull that sees a scarlet cloth, Nitishji becomes angry upon hearing English. The public is squandering their time while Nitish Ji, who has grown to be self-assured, self-obsessed, and sweet in his mouth, spends his day.

Haribhushan Thakur Bachol, a BJP politician who has previously made unpleasant remarks, urged that the CM be given a “health card” so that the people of Bihar may feel secure in his leadership.

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