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Nuclear Deterrence: Will this be able to avert the war?

“This is not an Era of War, but it is one of dialogue and diplomacy” as said by the Prime Minister of India on the Russia-Ukraine conflict is the wish of every global citizen. As the world cannot afford another war and nuclear war would be an absolute destruction.

In the cold war era, Nuclear Deterrence proved to be the best means to stop the aggression from escalating into a world war like situation. Nuclear deterrence is a concept where the nuclear weapon usage is forbidden either because the other party possesses the nuclear weapons or if both the parties possess them but the cost of winning would be at the rate of horrendous devastation. Hence, the cold war was cold, not turning into hot.

But, in a multipolar world where states are in possession of nuclear weapons, Is the concept of Nuclear Deterrence still relevant in the 21st century? This concept would have been effective if the states were rational actors. In the present era, due to the lack of trust ability between the nation states the probability of war has increased.

In the case of Russia Ukraine conflict, as Ukraine is not yet a member of NATO. Therefore, it is not a part of collective defence strategy. On the part of Russia’s Nuclear Doctrine, it stated that it would not use nuclear weapons, unless there is an existential threat posed to them. The Economic sanctions on Russia have not deterred it. In order to maintain its Hegemony, the US has been supplying weapons to Ukraine. In this war of nations, it is the global citizens who are the victims. 

As quoted by Oppenheimer the Father of Atomic Bomb, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” It is not the destruction nor the victory we need but the Peace and Harmony among us.

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