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Nuh on Edge: Hindu Groups Defiant as Administration Blocks Aug 28 VHP Yatra

The administration in Haryana’s Nuh, citing security concerns, declined permission for the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) upcoming ‘Braj Mandal Yatra Jalabhishek Yatra.’ However, despite this refusal, Right-wing Hindutva groups have affirmed their intent to proceed with the VHP Yatra on August 28 in Nuh.

Three years ago, VHP started this yatra at Nuh with 80% muslim population. It started with an objective to revive holy Hindu temples, sites and Hindu religious tourism at Nuh. Originally consisting of VHP members from Nuh, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Palwal, the movement to reestablish ‘Hindutva’ influence in Mewat has gained significant traction, drawing participants from various right-wing groups across the state.

On Monday, July 31, a recent clash unfolded during a procession organised by Bajarang Dal and VHP in Nuh. The initial stone pelting between procession members and a group of young men escalated into communal violence, resulting in tragic fatalities. The clash resulted in the death of six individuals and left several others injured.

Nuh’s deputy commissioner, Dhirendra Khadgata, along with superintendent of police, Narender Bijarniya, expressed their concerns regarding the maintenance of law and order. They said, “Only due to the sensitive situation in the area, we cannot give permission for any religious yatra.”

Despite the denial, VHP spokesperson Vinod Bansal remained hopeful for administration support in conducting a peaceful procession. Meanwhile, certain members of the Right-wing Hindutva faction criticised the denial of permission. They revealed their intention to resume the disrupted procession, emphasising that it was their ‘right’ to do so. Surendra Jain, joint general secretary of VHP, asserted the procession’s significance, while VHP member Kulbhushan Bhardwaj expressed a commitment to honouring fallen members by completing the Yatra.

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