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 Oliver Dowden crowned new UK Deputy PM

Oliver Dowden was appointed as the new deputy prime minister by the British government on Frida. Dowden replaced Dominic Raab, who resigned earlier in the day. Raab’s resignation came after a study into allegations that he had abused employees.

Though he had no formal authority, Dominic Raab filled in for the Prime Minister when he wasn’t able to attend the Parliament

Currently, Oliver Dowden holds the position of cabinet office minister in Rishi Sunak’s administration. When Sunak’s Conservative Party devastatingly lost in the 2021 June by-elections, Dowden resigned from his post as Chairman of the party.

The same statement also named Alex Chalk, a politician, as the next justice minister, replacing Dominic Raab.

Following Raab’s departure, the British Cabinet underwent a minor reorganization, with Alex Chalk, a former junior minister in the Ministry of Defence, taking over as the new Justice Secretary. Since the British Conservatives took office in 2010, Chalk’s selection as Justice Secretary makes the Cheltenham MP the 11th individual to hold the position.

Raab’s resignation earlier in the day was accepted by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with what he called “great sadness.” Sunak had previously come under fire for not dismissing his deputy despite the continuing investigation into his conduct with officials and subordinates.

Raab, who was seen as a steadfast supporter of Sunak, an individual of Indian descent, submitted his papers earlier in the day acknowledging the results of the inquiry directed by Adam Tolley KC. His departure delivered Sunak a serious blow, and he will now need to respond to serious inquiries over his judgement in allowing Raab to retain his position.

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