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Pakistan receives a notification from India to modify the Indus Waters Treaty

According to the PTI news agency, which cited official sources, India has notified Pakistan of its modification of the 1960 Indus Water Treaty. After Islamabad’s actions negatively impacted the terms of the treaty, India sent the notification. The notice for modification’s purpose is to provide Pakistan a chance to engage in international discussions within 90 days to address the IWT’s major violation.

India has reportedly always been a responsible partner in putting the IWT into practice, according to official sources. Pakistan, however, interfered with the IWT’s provisions and its application, forcing India to give the proper notice for the IWT’s revision. Pakistan asked for an Expert to be appointed in 2015 to look into its technical concerns to India’s Kishenganga and Ratle Hydroelectric Projects (HEPs). However, the nation withdrew this request the next year and suggested that a Court of Arbitration hear its complaints.

Government sources claim that Pakistan’s actions violate the dispute resolution framework envisioned by Article IX of the IWT. India asked for the subject to be sent to a Neutral Expert separately. The start of the two procedures can lead to a precarious circumstance that endangers the deal. The World Bank recognised the start of two parallel processes in 2016 and decided to “stop” them. Throughout the five meetings of the Permanent Indus Commission from 2017 to 2022, Pakistan refused to debate the matter.¬†Regarding the Kishenganga and Ratle hydroelectric power facilities, the World Bank appointed individuals in two distinct procedures at the requests of Pakistan and India in October 2022. In accordance with its duties under the Indus Waters Treaty, it selected a chairman of the Court of Arbitration and a neutral expert. According to the World Bank, there is disagreement between the two nations on whether the technical aspects of the two hydroelectric projects violate the Treaty. The international organization also stated that Pakistan requested the World Bank assist in the creation of an arbitration court ,to address its issues with the two hydroelectric power project designs. While India requested the appointment of a Neutral Expert to take into account related concerns over the two projects.As a result, Sean Murphy was chosen to lead the Court of Arbitration and Michel Lino was chosen to serve as the Neutral Expert.

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