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Parliament Passes Jan Vishwas Bill 2023: Decriminalising Outdated Laws and Promoting 21st Century Relevance 

The Parliament has recently approved Jan Vishwas Bill, 2023 . There are some of the laws in India which are being followed from the british era. During the pre-independence era the laws were made in such a way that they were favourable to the British Industries and which could bring great profits to their business. There are few laws which we follow even today where there is punishment which includes imprisonment for minor offences. Hence the Jan Vishwas Bill aims to amend those outdated laws to the ones which are relevant to the 21st century.

Decriminalisation is proposed  to be achieved by replacing or removing Jail terms with Fine and provision of compounding of offences in a few cases.

The Jan vishwas Bill, contemplates reducing the burden of judiciary by amending some of these outdated laws. Our Judiciary system is already clogged with many of the cases related to minor offences. This law aims to declutter them and to help the judiciary focus on the major case studies.

 The bill aims  to enhance the ease of doing business. This amendment ensures that citizens work without fear of getting imprisoned for the sole technical and operational failures.

 The Jan vishwas Bill aims to lessen the burden of citizens by decriminalising laws. But could this also be an excuse for the delinquent persons to break the law frequently as imprisonment is to be replaced? 

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