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Password sharing of Netflix accounts to stop working in these four countries

Web-streaming service provider Netflix has been planning to stop password sharing for a while and it is beginning to achieve its goal. After a fall in the number of paying customers, Netflix is trying to make users pay for the subscription to continue watching their favorite shows in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain.

The streaming platform has announced that customers in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain will have to set a ‘primary location’ to ensure that only those in the same household can access the same account. This will come alongside a new ‘Manage Access and Devices’ page for the owner to manage users who will have access to their account

Netflix has confirmed that existing members will still be able to access their account or log into a new account while traveling to a different location.

There are some existing rules attached to getting access to the Netflix account. Firstly, the account owner will have to authorize login attempts to successfully access the account. Secondly, members are required to connect to the local network once every 30 days to continue using the account. As of now, the guidelines do not mention any existing rules, except the fact that the account is only open to sharing in one household.

Netflix has been trying out settings that provide users with the option to buy an extra member and transfer a profile. These options will now be available in these four regions.

Netflix had previously received backlash over its plans to curb password sharing. The aim was to increase revenue generation which was decreasing due to password sharing all over the world.

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