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Petition filed against Modi by Congress for ‘baseless’ accusations

The Indian Congress party has petitioned the Election Commission to have Prime Minister Narendra Modi investigated for allegedly making a “false statement” at a recent campaign event. Modi had charged the Trinamool Congress, the state’s ruling party, with being anti-Dalit and disparaging Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the creator of India’s constitution, during the rally in West Bengal. The Congress party counters that Modi’s allegations lack any substance in reality and are unfounded.

The Model Code of Conduct, which prevents candidates from making false or malicious statements during the election campaign, was allegedly breached by Modi, according to the Congress party. The party has urged that Modi face harsh punishment from the Election Commission for his “willful and deliberate attempt to mislead the voters.” The Prime Minister has breached the fundamental principles of the Model Code of Conduct by making false comments and disparaging our party, according to a representative for Congress. We insist that the Election Commission act immediately to stop him and that the police report him to court for his criminal behavior.

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The Election Commission has yet to respond to the petition. Nevertheless, the Congress Party’s move has caused a political uproar in India. Supporters of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), which Modi heads, have defended Modi’s remarks, while opposition parties have accused him of trying to divide the country along caste lines.

Modi has previously been charged with making misleading remarks during an election campaign. He has been accused of making offensive remarks in the past about Christians and Muslims, among other minorities. He has, however, refuted these claims and reaffirmed his dedication to the idea of “sab ka saath, sab ka vikas” (inclusive progress for all).

West Bengal’s election is being hotly contested, with the BJP aiming to usurp the Trinamool Congress leadership of the state. On May 2, the findings are expected to be made public.

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