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PM addressing the Kshetriya Panchayati Raj Parishad in Daman & Diu

Today, on August 18, PM Modi addressed the Kshetriya Panchayati Raj Parishad in Daman & Diu.

In today’s Parishad, around 125 Zilla Adhyaksh and Upadhyaksh from middle and western states of India were present. The participating Adhyaksh and Upaadhayaksh are from: Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Through virtual conferencing, PM Modi inaugurated the Parishad. In this Parishad, the Prime Minister shared a lot of strategies with the participants. The strategies were basically on how to make each and every Zilla and Tehsil a developed one by 2047, which will lead India as a whole to become a developed nation by the end of 2047.

PM, while addressing the BJP Adhyaksh and Upaadhyaksh, said, “We believe in organization we believe in organization, we believe in values, we believe in dedication and we move forward with collective responsibility given to us.”

He further said that in those two days’ Parishad, all the Adhyaksh and the Upaadhyaksh present will get to learn a lot while interacting with each other and sharing each other’s ideas and thoughts.

“Whatever responsibility we get, we must increase our ability… we must learn from each other through, must inform each other what is happening in our area…,” he advised the attendees.

PM Modi touched on a lot of topics, advising the Zilla Adhyaksh and Upadhyaksh on how each one of them should work effectively from their respective positions in their respective areas, which will eventually lead to a developed nation as a whole. He remarked on the importance of grass-roots level work in the success of large-scale projects. He emphasized making every mission a mass mission for its effective completion. He also suggested they should stay closely connected to the common people of their area. And they must work on branding the specialty of their respective areas.

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