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PM Modi coming 5 years guarantees: A Short speech Analysis

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on India’s 77th Independence Day celebrating “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” with theme of “Nation First, Always First”. This theme not only unites but transcends the boundaries of past notions, conflicts and religious ideologies.

PM Modi guarantees nation for the next 5 years that India will be in Top Three countries in World Largest economy in terms of GDP. 

India is the fastest growing economy as it can excel and soon it will be seen breaking its own record of growth rate of 7.2%(Q4 2023) which in itself is a great challenge. This speech was one of the longest speech by PM Modi on 15th August 2023 from Red Fort. It lasted nrearly 90 minutes whereas 2016 is still recorded as longest of 94 minutes.

I am putting forward 5 major aspects of PM Modi’s speech on 77 Independence Day:

  1. Manipur 

He addressed the conflict and disturbances arising every other day and was getting serious and is very gravely hurt not only north-east but also in Maharashtra to the west but peace can be resolved only through non-violence and unity. The central and the Manipur government are making every effort to ensure that peace returns to the state at the earliest; addressed by PM Modi.

  1. Future Goal/Targets of India

He said “ We are fortunate to live in the “Amrit Kaal” (means we are in very thriving times or era) of Independence. The decisions we make in this ‘Amrit Kaal’, our actions and sacrifices, would pave the way for a glorious history spanning the next millennium. He also promised and said “analysing the history of the last 75 Years, we see absolutely no lack of potential in India! The country one known to be  सोने की चिड़िया means golden bird which India was but lost due to 1000s of year of invasion and loot. Its my firm belief that by 2047, India will emerge as a DEVELOPED COUNTRY in the World! He also promoted Make in India products as Best in Class and segment as an ultimate product on every desk around the globe.

  1. Women Empowerment 

PM Modi said “ There will be a boost given Agri-tech in villages and towns. He also seeks to assist as from Centrals and State Governmen in supplying drones and learning assistance in drone agri-tech to promote women empowerment where He desires to bring 1000s of  women self help group with first 15000 women self help group and promote women entrepreneurship in Country.” He also emphasised on taking interest and focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) more than ever as these are the growth as well as employment pillars in coming future.

  1. Extreme Weather Conditions

Prime Minister conveyed his apprehension regarding the existence downpours that have brought widespread devastation to a number of states. Where it was promised to increase more precautions and improve disaster management to prevent extreme cases of disaster.

  1. Vishwakarma Yojana 

Indian Government in coming month on the auspicious day of Vishwakarma Jayanti will initiate ‘Vishwakarna Yojana’ in which Indian government will allocate Rs 13000 Crore, 15000 crore investment in MSME ministry under which 18 trades have been identified to be covered. This Yojna will cover traditional artisans and daily wage workers from barbers to sweep and broom people to cleaning and dry cleaning maids everyone will be catered.

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