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PM Modi organized Integrated Preparations for Natural Calamities

PM Modi organized Integrated Preparations for Natural Calamities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for integrated preparations for dealing with natural disasters. While speaking at the fifth edition of the International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, PM Narendra Modi mentioned that it is necessary to work and develop on this topic as we live in a closely connected world and such natural disasters can affect everybody. He stated, “Disaster in one region can have a big impact on a completely different region. Therefore, our response has to be integrated not isolated,”.

Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)

PM Narendra Modi also launched the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI). The CDRI is basically a global partnership of governments the UN, multilateral development banks, the private sector, academics and many other important units. PM Modi also stated that around 40 countries are already a part of the CDRI. The main aim of CDRI is to promote the making and formation of infrastructure which is resilient to natural calamities and disasters. PM Narendra Modi also added that this type of infrastructure will help and serve people during a time of crisis. He added that it is necessary to build such infrastructure as all countries are at risk of being affected by natural calamities. This type of innovation will help the citizens of a country and provide safe shelter during crisis.

PM Modi also added that each nation faces such a threat and hence all countries should come together and work on this project. He stated, “This is where the CDRI and this conference play a key role. Each nation and region faces a disaster of different kinds.” Later he also mentioned in a statement, “While modernizing infrastructure, such knowledge needs to be used intelligently. Modern technology with local sights can be great for resilience. If documented well, local knowledge may become a global best practice.” For more such updates and important headlines, subscribe to STMN News. Defense Ministry signed 3 contracts to improve Defense proficiency

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