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Political Sparring Escalates in No-Trust Debate: Minister’s Remark Ignites Controversy

New Delhi: The ongoing debate on the no-confidence motion took a fiery turn today as Union Minister Pralhad Joshi directed a pointed question at Rahul Gandhi, questioning why the Congress leader did not open the debate. The Minister’s comment drew a sharp reaction from the Congress party, accusing him of divulging confidential information from the Lok Sabha Speaker’s office.

As the debate commenced, with Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi slated to initiate the discussion, Minister Pralhad Joshi interjected. Inquiring why Rahul Gandhi had not taken the lead, Joshi expressed the treasury benches’ eagerness to hear the Congress leader’s speech.

The Minister’s remark did not sit well with the Congress, who contended that Joshi’s statement breached the confidentiality of discussions within the Speaker’s office. The Congress emphasized that such matters should remain undisclosed.

Rahul Gandhi, whose status as a Member of Parliament was recently restored, was present in the Lok Sabha when the proceedings began. Gaurav Gogoi, intended to open the debate, yet the abrupt interjection from Minister Joshi stirred tensions.

Responding to Joshi’s comment, Gogoi questioned, “Speaker sir, should we also reveal what’s happening in your office and what requests are being received? You are the protector of this House. Should we also reveal what the Prime Minister has said in your office?”

Amit Shah, the Home Minister, retorted strongly, labeling Gogoi’s remark a serious accusation. Joshi echoed Shah’s sentiment, asserting that levying baseless allegations against the Prime Minister and the Chair was inappropriate.

In the midst of this exchange, Speaker Om Birla intervened, emphasizing the importance of maintaining factual accuracy in comments made about the Speaker’s office. He reminded members that his office is an integral part of the House and urged against unsubstantiated claims.

Joshi clarified that he had not divulged any confidential information but had merely referenced information already in the public domain. This explanation, however, did not suffice for Gogoi and other members of the Congress, who demanded that Joshi exercise his role as Parliamentary Affairs Minister responsibly.

The no-confidence motion, though anticipated to have limited chances of passage, seeks to compel Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the ongoing violence in Manipur. The opposition’s request for a discussion on the matter under Rule 267 has led to a parliamentary impasse since the Monsoon session commenced on July 20.

Rahul Gandhi’s recent reinstatement as a Member of Parliament followed a Supreme Court decision that temporarily stayed his conviction in a criminal defamation case related to the “Modi Surname” remark. The court maintained that while the comment was inappropriate, it was essential to differentiate between the individual’s public role and personal conduct.

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