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President Biden to visit Delhi for the upcoming G20 summit

It is G20 season finally, with not many days left in the calendar, and this time our glorious city is at the head of the dining table, both literally and proverbially. It is the time for us denizens to put our best foot forward, for this time we will be hosting many nations of renown at our doorstep in the city we have called home for many years. 

It is the hallmark of modern democracy to be participatory in nature, although it did have several dark chapters along the wary in the guises of many leaders like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Adolf Hitler, Joe Mccarthy, and what is the one thing that unites all these men that hang around the necks of democracy like albatrosses? They were all demagogues that seized power by the virtue of oratory and their social credence, which toppled their countries later on but with their devil may care attitude, they went on ruling until they were emblazoned into the history books later on, with a lot of mixed opinions about their governance.\

America which got its independence nearly two centuries before us, always regarded as a third world country, in a sneering mix of developmental superiority and holier than thou attitude that kept relationships frosty until the 2015 Republic Day celebrations, when due to the savoir faire of our prime minister Modi and his PR department, the much admired and charismatic president Barack Obama graced the country with his presence and nearly a decade later, the relationship has further thawed for now the current president Joe Biden will be coming to Delhi for the upcoming G20 summit and discuss important issues like climate change, the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, the evergreen poverty problems of the world amongst other issues and heads of states.

It is a good time to be an Indian citizen, I daresay.

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