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Prithvi shaw attacked by fans; Amid Selfie Row

After a dispute with a female social media influencer named Sapna Gill and her male companion, Shobhit Thakur, over the batsman’s refusal to take photographs with them, Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw was allegedly manhandled and his car was smashed with a baseball bat outside a hotel in Mumbai’s Santacruz. The event happened early on Wednesday morning.

The argument started at a posh hotel in Mumbai early on Wednesday after two fans—a guy and a woman—approached the player for photos, according to the complaint made by Prithvi Shaw’s teammate. Gill and seven other people have been detained by the Oshiwara Police on suspicion of attempting to intimidate Shaw by causing damage to his car and making false accusations against him. According to a police complaint, a dispute over selfies swiftly developed into a brawl involving a baseball bat and a car pursuit in Mumbai for cricketer Prithvi Shaw.

According to the police report, eight guys charged at Mr. Shaw and his companion, reportedly broke their car’s windscreen, and demanded Rs. 50,000. Two of the individuals cited in the complaint, Shobhit Thakur and Sana or Sapna Gill, have denied the allegations and have claimed that the 23-year-old player assaulted them first. According to the news agency ANI, Ms. Gill was taken into custody on Thursday night. After a few photos, when they wouldn’t stop demanding more, Mr. Shaw phoned his buddy, the hotel manager, to ask them to take the fans away. After being asked to leave, the supporters waited outside for Prithvi and, together with a few others with baseball bats, surrounded Mr. Shaw, according to the complaint.

Complaint filed in Police station

As Mr. Shaw and his companion fled, they after the vehicle, caught up with it at a stop sign close to Oshiwara, and cracked the windscreen, it continued. According to Mr. Shaw’s acquaintance, they also wanted 50,000 and threatened to file a false police report if they didn’t get their way. The individuals mentioned in the investigation, however, have denied the accusations. In a statement to the media, Sapna Gill’s attorney, Ali Kashif Khan, claimed that Prithvi Shaw had physically attacked her.

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