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Producer hits back as Mamata Banerjee labels ‘The Kerala Story’ as ‘distorted’

The Malayalam movie “The Kerala Story” has been outlawed in West Bengal by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee because she believes it to be “distorted.” The movie, which was produced by PM Sasidharan and directed by Salim Ahamed, opened to positive reviews on April 22 in Kerala.

According to reports, Banerjee voiced concerns about how West Bengal was portrayed in the movie, saying it was inaccurate and misleading.

The film, according to producer PM Sasidharan, underlined the historical and cultural similarities between West Bengal and Kerala. He expressed dismay. He continued by saying that the prohibition was a misguided attempt to stifle critics and limit creative expression.

The Santosh Trophy, India’s main football competition, and the roles played by two football legends from West Bengal and Kerala are the subjects of the book “The Kerala Story.” Social media users have been debating the restriction, with many describing it as an assault on the freedom of the arts.

This is not the first time a movie in India has been prohibited. The West Bengal government’s decision to outlaw “The Kerala Story” has reopened the discussion about the need for more artistic freedom and the freedom of expression in India.

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