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Protest Erupts in Ghaziabad’s Saviour Park Society as Residents Demand Action Against Builder’s Unethical Practices

Residents of the Saviour Park Society in Ghaziabad protested the builder for opening many entry and exit gates and selling convenience stores to outsiders. Despite their complaints to the GDA, nothing has changed. They also voiced concerns on the problem of stray dogs and the builder’s threats to bring bogus charges against them. They have no choice except to protest.

Residents allege they have been abiding by the rules and restrictions imposed by the builder for many years and are upset by the builder’s activities. They believe that their issues are not being handled, though, and that the situation has gotten out of hand.

Many others have shown their support for the locals during the demonstration, which has attracted a lot of media and public attention. The local government has expressed worry about the issue and vowed to look into it and take necessary measures.

The GDA must take quick action against the builder in response to the citizens’ demands that the GDA solve their issues. Additionally, they have asked the authorities to address the problem of stray dogs and protect the neighbourhood’s residents.

The protest by Saviour Park Society residents in Ghaziabad demonstrates the increasing resentment and fury among locals towards the builders and developers who frequently break the law. It is imperative that the authorities move quickly to allay the citizens’ worries and guarantee that their safety and wellbeing are not jeopardised.

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