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Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann Unveils Plans for Cutting-Edge Digital Prison with In-House Courtrooms near Ludhiana

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has declared plans to build a state-of-the-art high-security digital jail on a sprawling 50-acre land near Ludhiana. This facility will be dedicated to conducting hearings for cases involving notorious criminals within the jail complex itself. The Chief Minister revealed that the Government of India has approved Rs 100 crore for the establishment of this digital prison.

Key Details:

1. Separate Cabins for Judges:

The Chief Minister shared that the digital jail will include individual cabins for judges, ensuring a dedicated space for conducting proceedings. Additionally, the Jail Department will have an ultra-modern office in Mohali, with the identified land set aside for this purpose.

2. Modernization of Police Force:

Efforts are underway to modernize the Punjab Police force through scientific methods. Measures are being taken to equip the police with the necessary tools to combat cybercrime effectively. Various reforms are being introduced to upgrade the capabilities of the police.

3. Countermeasures Against Illegal Activities:

The Chief Minister emphasized the installation of high-tech jammers and other advanced equipment within jails to prevent the unauthorized use of mobile phones by inmates. Moreover, Punjab Police will implement anti-drone technology to thwart infiltration attempts through drones from across the border.

4. Collaboration with Google:

Punjab is set to join forces with multinational company Google to enhance the capabilities of the state police. A comprehensive blueprint has been prepared, and a formal agreement with Google will be signed soon. This partnership aims to upgrade the police force and improve their efficiency in dealing with unforeseen challenges.

5. Focus on Inmate Reformation:

Initiatives are being undertaken to facilitate the reformation of inmates within the prison system, providing them with opportunities to learn and develop valuable skills for a better future.


Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s announcement of the construction of a high-security digital jail near Ludhiana reflects the state’s commitment to modernizing its criminal justice system. The digital prison will host hearings for cases involving dangerous criminals, offering a secure and efficient environment. Punjab’s efforts to equip the police force with advanced technology and collaborate with Google highlight the commitment to enhance law enforcement capabilities. Additionally, measures are being taken to reform inmates and provide them with the tools for personal growth and rehabilitation.

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