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Punjab Chief Minister Calls Out Governor for Failing Constitutional Duty, Demands Explanation

Video recording reveals Governor’s inconsistent usage of “my government” during speech, Chief Minister cites Supreme Court judgment

In a strong-worded response to the Governor of Punjab, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann highlighted the Governor’s failure to fulfill his constitutional duty until reminded by referencing a Supreme Court judgment. The Chief Minister provided evidence from a video recording, revealing that the Governor began his speech by referring to “my government.” However, due to baseless opposition criticism, he changed his stance and opted for the term “government” only. This inconsistency prompted Bhagwant Mann to remind the Governor about the Supreme Court’s ruling, which led him to revert to using the term “my government.” The Chief Minister further emphasized that the video recording, sourced from the Punjab Vidhan Sabha records, proves the Governor’s hostile approach towards the democratically elected state government.

Expressing his disappointment, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann condemned the Governor’s baseless and misleading statements, noting that they undermine the dignity of the governor’s position. He highlighted the contradiction between the Governor’s statements and his actions in the state assembly, which are also substantiated by recorded proof. Bhagwant Mann demanded an explanation from the Governor regarding his failure to discharge his constitutional duty by not consistently referring to the government as “my government” during his address.

Moreover, the Chief Minister expressed concern over undue interference from selected individuals associated with the central regime in the affairs of elected officials. He claimed that these unwarranted disruptions aim to hinder the smooth functioning of the state government. Bhagwant Mann asserted that the gubernatorial Raj Bhawans now seemingly serve as BJP’s state headquarters, representing a worrisome trend for Indian democracy.

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